MQ-1 Predator


The Long Island industrial landscape has changed greatly since ADDAPT’s founding in the 1990’s. Its original mission of leading and aiding the region in the aftermath of the reduction of defense spending in the Clinton years owing to the end of the Cold War was achieved through a multiplicity of efforts and by targeting emerging growth industries such as electronics and IT.

Long Island is faced with another crossroads. ADDAPT is being revitalized to meet this new challenge. ADDAPT will maintain a core focus on retaining and growing Long Island’s Aerospace and Defense manufacturing sector. Critical to this mission will be a broader focus on all regional manufacturing sectors, support industries, and related infrastructure and workforce issues. ADDAPT’s support includes:

  • Information – Provide a forum for the exchange of business issues and lessons among manufacturing leaders and share business development opportunities (e.g., government incentives & programs, trade missions, trade shows, acquisition opportunities, OEM preferred supplier requirements, etc.)
  • Advocacy – Interfacing with Federal, State, and Local agencies on manufacturing issues and concerns
  • Growth – Connect companies with financial support, share best practices, grow and optimize supply chains, help diversify products lines and enter new markets

Long Island’s economic future is tied to maintaining a vibrant, growing industrial base. The loss of large industrial leaders goes beyond basic economics – it impacts our ability to have a sustainable workforce pipeline advantage. ADDAPT will work with New York State and local government to both organically grow and attract large manufacturing companies to our region. Additionally, ADDAPT will continue to work with local educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profits to develop a sustainable workforce pipeline solution.

The combination of ADDAPT‐ing regional manufacturing capabilities to new and emerging markets such as robotics, energy solutions, 3-D printing or unmanned aerial systems for both military and commercial applications, together with active cross‐company collaboration will bring about results that will once again prove the Long Island region’s ADDAPT‐ability.