Now more than ever, membership in ADDAPT is the right decision. As we all know, this is a turbulent time for our region in the aerospace and defense industry ‐ we face numerous economic and political challenges, both domestically and internationally. Strong representation is essential to protecting the business interests of the region’s manufacturing industry and to help establish new opportunities.It is critical that New York State and Long Island are at the forefront of any considerations as stakeholders assess the impact of changes to investments in research, development, workforce development and the industrial base as well as the continued ability of our industry to create the next generation of game-changing products and services.Unlike many other associations, our member companies define and drive our agenda. We work together to positively influence regulatory and legislative policies and develop a sustainable regional plan that will sustain and growth both our historically strong and our emerging manufacturing sectors.We will help you ‐ and all levels of your organization ‐ get closer to your customers and competitors by providing numerous networking opportunities through meetings and an extensive network of councils, committees, and working groups and providing support and resources to achieve regional sustainability.

ADDAPT will:

ADVOCATE – we interface with Federal, State, and Local agencies and officials on manufacturing issues and concerns.
INFORM – we identify and share information on government incentives and programs, New York State trade missions, national and global trade shows, acquisition opportunities, OEM preferred supplier requirements, manufacturing best practices, and other related information
NETWORK – we provide a forum for the exchange of business issues and lessons learned among the region’s manufacturing leaders.
BUILD YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN – we assist you in finding and identifying new business partners and qualified suppliers.
DEVELOP BUSINESS – we connect with technical assistance to identify sources of financial assistance and identify new customers and markets.