Supply Chain

The following is a description of the basic categories of ADDAPT and associated member supply chain companies.

Engineering/Systems Companies

These companies produce both high‐technology product design and systems utilizing the platform technologies developed by the defense industry since 1940. Systems utilizing these platform technologies include radar, sonar, ECM, IFF, wireless and satellite communications, computers and associated software, magnetic detection and imaging, x‐ray detection and imaging, infrared detection, and electronic ultrasonic detection/imaging. These companies typically have “in‐house” sophisticated and advanced manufacturing capabilities with an in‐depth international supplier bases.

Manufacturing Companies

These companies are suppliers of components and assemblies to customers that require the following manufacturing services:

  • Production of machined parts requiring milling, turning, grinding, polishing, drilling and shaping processes for metallic, plastic and composite materials
  • Mechanical assembly of parts utilizing welding, brazing, riveting, processes
  • Production of sheet metal fabrication processes
  • Electronic assembly processes such as printed circuit board insertion, harness making, coil and transformer winding

‘Niche Companies’

These companies are specialized in design and manufacturing of sophisticated high‐technology assemblies or components where there is a proprietary process or product.

Typical Products in this category are:

  • Cooling devices such as heat exchangers, chill plates, and heat pipes that are designed and manufactured to customer specifications
  • Specialized hybrid circuits, transistors, integrated circuits, and electronic components
  • Hydraulic precision valves, actuators and assemblies
  • Automated diagnostic and repair systems
  • Flight instrumentation and data recording
  • Electronic and cyber security systems

Engineering Services Companies

  • Engineering consulting services specializing in electronic, mechanical, and software design development
  • Management consulting services specializing in industry specific training and prices implementation
  • Engineering Consulting services in integrated logistic support (ILS) of systems and assemblies
  • Engineering and environmental testing services for systems, assemblies and components
  • Ground support/product support design and manufacturing
  • The design and production of specialized process and test equipment

Commodities and Special Processes

  • Distributors of electronic components
  • Suppliers of specialized raw materials for fabricated structures including steel, aluminum, titanium, and beryllium, brass, copper and composite materials
  • Heat‐treating facilities
  • Companies specializing in plating, coating, and painting of components and assemblies