About Us

ADDAPT is a not-for-profit trade organization focused on taking the Long Island Aerospace & Defense Industry into a new era of prosperity. ADDAPT does this in two ways: We provide a strong voice for the region in the political arena; and we help our members with marketing and sales.

The majority of spending for Aerospace and Defense emanates from the Federal government. ADDAPT provides a platform for our members to combine their voices to influence the decisions that bring large contracts to the area. We do this by listening to our members, listening to key policy makers and politicians, and facilitating bringing the two together in alignment.

ADDAPT focuses on helping member organizations market and sell their goods and services locally, regionally, and around the world. We do this by arranging quality networking opportunities, and by providing tools, training, and mentoring with industry best practices and the latest internet based methodology.


ADDAPT was formed in 1991 as a response to significant reductions in defense spending by the Federal Government. It was originally organized as an alliance of technology based aerospace and defense companies located throughout the state of New York. The mission was to promote the interests of New York companies adversely affected by the resulting consolidations among “Prime” contractors and the corresponding downsizing throughout the aerospace and defense industry.

In 2017, the ADDAPT Board of Directors expanded the organization’s mission, emphasizing the use of prevailing digital marketing and sales practices to help our members grow their businesses.