Air Industries Group

Aerospace and Defense Company
360 Motor Pkwy Suite 100
Hauppauge, NY


About Air Industries Group

Air Industries Group is an aerospace and defense company that has been supplying flight critical and other sophisticated parts and assemblies to Prime Defense and Commercial aerospace manufacturers for over 50 years.

We manufacture and assemble structural parts and assemblies that focus on the safety of flight. These parts include landing gear, arresting gear, engine mounts, axles, flight controls, and throttle quadrants. The Company also provides sheet metal fabrications for aerostructure assemblies, tube design and bending, and welding services. We fabricate dip brazed assemblies, sheet metal enclosures, heat exchangers, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and relay boxes. Our machining divisions have manufactured parts for the oil extraction and power generation industries.

From its roots as a small, family-owned machine shop supplying parts to Long Island Grumman and Republic Aircraft in the 1970, Air Industries has developed into a publicly owned enterprise with annual revenues approaching $70 million dollars.