Comco Plastics, Inc

Plastic Fabrication and Machining
11 Stepar Place
Huntington Station, NY


About Comco Plastics, Inc

For over 60 years, the name COMCO Plastics has been synonymous with high-quality, precision machined and fabricated high performance plastics for a multitude of industries, worldwide.

Beginning in 1956, COMCO was in early pioneer in the fabrication of what were then little-known thermoplastics and thermosets such as acrylics, phenolics and nylon. Since then, the plastics industry has advanced tremendously and COMCO has assisted in this growth by utilizing leading edge material such as PEEK, Ultemâ„¢ and Vespelâ„¢ for fabricated part application and development. With our state of the art fabrication facility, COMCO has the ability and the commitment to meet the need for precision parts in virtually any industry, application, or material.