DB Schenker

Insurance & Trade Advisory Services, Transportation Logistics
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Melville, NY
11747 http://TradeSolutions.dbschenkerusa.com

844 SCH-TRADE (724-8723) TradeSolutionsUS@dbschenker.com

About DB Schenker

As a leading global logistics company, DB Schenker offers single source comprehensive risk management & transportation compliance solutions, including cargo insurance, customs bonds, trade documentation, compliance, and training solutions. With our years of experience and dedication in assisting our customers, DB Schenker provides excellent support and guidance through our risk & insurance solutions, export compliance solutions, import compliance solutions, software & online trade documents, training & education and a fleet of online trade solutions tools such as Dangerous Goods Declaration & Packaging, Export Compliance Manager, Restricted Party Screening, License management, Certificate of Origin, ATA Carnets and more. Contact our dedicated team of professionals to take the complexity (and the risk) out of your international trade logistics.