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We Use Award Winning Software VAI to help businesses become more efficient, save money on their inventory and improve their cash flow.
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About SMC Data Systems

IBM Award Winning Integrated Supply Chain Software

Automate your warehouse, achieve 99% inventory accuracy & reduce labor cost.


• Integrated Software Modules: Order Processing, Warehouse Automation, Purchasing and Forecasting, A/R, A/P, G/L. E-Commerce, Retail, Analytics.
• Industries: Food Distribution, Food Processing, Distribution, Manufacturing, Apparel, Lumber and Pharma.
• Streamlined Inventory Management: Products received at the warehouse are directly shipped off the dock. Weekly Cycle Count eliminates the need to close the warehouse at year end and take physical count. This results in inventory accuracy and reduced labor cost.
• Original Software Code is provided can be modified and supported.
• Unlimited user licenses can be purchased

• Imperial Bag Success Story achieved 99% inventory accuracy ROI 100%, Payback – 1.1 years, Average annual benefit: $ 1,194,353
• Black River Produce Success Story describe how they achieved ROI: 45%, Payback – 2.3 years Average annual benefit: $ 1,188,529