If you are a Long Island or New York business looking to grow your Aerospace & Defense business, ADDAPT is the right place for you. Our membership includes the best A&D companies in the region, ranging from small sole proprietorships to large publicly traded corportations. As a member you would be part of a regional supply chain, and also part of community of businesses dedicated to delivering the best A&D goods and services in the world.

Individual Memberships


  • 1 year membership for 1 individual
  • Pay online or by invoice
  • $350

Individual Membership


  • 1 year membership for 1 individual
  • Pay online or by invoice
  • $350

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Premium Memberships

Premium memberships feature additional sponsorship and positioning opportunities.

Independence Partner

  • A table and 10 tickets to each town hall event
  • 4 tickets and co-sponsorship of the fall Futures and Founders Gala
  • 4 tickets and co-sponsorship of the spring Golf For Business Dinner
  • A foursome at the spring Golf For Business outing
  • Premium positioning as a sponsor on the ADDAPT website
  • Premium positioning on all ADDAPT communications, both internal and external
  • Information booth or table at all major events
  • Exclusive sponsorship of all town hall and dinner group events
  • $10,000

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Independence Partner

Freedom Membership

  • 4 tickets to all town hall events
  • 4 tickets to the fall Futures and Founders Gala
  • 4 tickets to the spring Golf For Business Dinner
  • Featured positioning as a sponsor on the ADDAPT website
  • Featured positioning on all ADDAPT communications, both internal and external
  • Co-sponsorship of all major events and dinner groups
  • $5,000

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Whether you have been in business for generations or are new to the A&D market, you have probably experienced the challenges of growing your business in this day and age. The A&D market in particular is confusing as successful businesses need to embrace what has worked well in the past, while also adopting the the latest developments and technologies in Internet marketing. A few quesitons you may be asking are:

* Where can I go to talk with other companies about what works, and what doesn’t?
* How can I get an introduction to the major OEMS, and learn what it takes to become an approved supplier?
* How can I exert some influence on a bill up for vote in Washington that will benefit my company and Long Island?
* How can I get to know some of the local companies that could really benefit from what I do?

You can find the answers to all these questions and more by by becoming a member of ADDAPT.

What ADDAPT Does for You

The following are three primary area where ADDAPT provides value to our members.

Political Advocacy -Two voices are better than one. Four voices are better than two, and so on. ADDAPT has consistently had over a hundred member organizations employing thousands of Long Islanders and New Yorkers, and we have have a strong voice in Washington. We meet with representatives at all levels of government to make sure they know which programs and legislation is important to us. We also work with lobbyist, network with A&D companies throughout the country, and strive to affect outcomes for a positive impact in our business community.

Networking – At intervals throughout the year, ADDAPT organizes events to connect our members . These events include town hall forums, educational sessions, golf outings, networking dinners, mentoring sessions and more. Check out our events page to see what’s coming up next.

Marketing & Selling Support – Working with the federal government and networking have always been a cornerstone of A&D selling. However, the proliferation of the web and social media has made internet based marketing and selling an important part of any company’s growth strategy. ADDAPTs web site is designed to be a tool to help companies get comfortable with this powerful means of selling. In 2018 ADDAPT will be adding tools, training and services design to help companies utilizes this amazing sales channel

If these are some things you would like to explore, and you would like to have some fun in the process, ADDAPT would love to have you as a member.

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