Innoveering LLC

Engineering & Manufacturing
100 Remington Blvd.

Innoveering, LLC is an advanced technology and products company founded in 2012 by former aerospace industry executives and senior R&D engineers with extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense and Energy markets. Since our founding, we have prototyped and developed systems for U.S. Government agencies (DOE, DOD, DOE, NIST), large corporations, and smaller companies.

We develop technical solutions for energy, power, and propulsion system needs. Our team brings decades of experience developing and testing advanced aerospace propulsion concepts and systems. Innoveering’s principals and senior staff have pioneered a multitude of propulsion technologies and testing methods, both ground and flight. We’re developing sensors and controls for challenging applications, capable of operating at uniquely high pressures, temperatures, and locations while delivering on high sensitivity, dynamic response, and small packaging.

Our core expertise includes high-speed gas dynamics (supersonic & hypersonic), combustion processes, power and energy systems, chemical kinetics, reacting flows, reformation and energy conversion, thermodynamics, thermal-fluids engineering, harsh environment sensors and advanced metrology, MEMS design and fabrication, multi-phase heat and mass transfer, and testing & evaluation (including facility design, build and operational management).

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